Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Proof You Can BUY Happiness

My new Juki arrived less than an hour ago and I am thrilled. I'm on the tail end of finishing up my second quilt for the nephews and so far have been able to control my impulsive need to rip the packaging open and fondle the 98q. I've waited for so long it seems to have this machine in my possession and now that it's here it's almost too fabulous to open (almost). I told myself I couldn't start using it until I finish quilt 2, but since it's almost complete I might have to do an all nighter so I can open the box.

E and I went to an arts and crafts festival this weekend in New Paltz (up state NY). Here are some of my purchases...

Unfortunately the third photo didn't come home with us. As much as I'd love to have an Alpaca, little gray dog and the himis say there isn't enough room in the apartment. Maybe someday when I buy that antique farmhouse I've been dreaming about.


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