Monday, August 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After a relaxing/chaotic week at home in Maine, I'm back to the "big city". Things I've learned over the past week

A-never underestimate a 1-year old, Man my sisters have a lot of energy. I guess I'm definitely not ready to have children, because I can't imagine having the patience and energy that having a one year old involves. (photos coming soon)

B-If I say I'm only going to use fabric from my stash and stop buying fabric...I'm only lying to myself. I had to stop at Mardens not once, but 3 times to buy more designer fabric at $2.99 a yard. In fact, knowing that I can purchase high quality quilting fabric for so cheap makes me want to stop buying from anywhere else. I mean why would you buy a hyundai when you could get a BMW for the same price?

C-Although I loved spending several days working on a funky halloween table runner with my grandmum, I'm glad to be back to having my own "tools". A vintage iron with no steam function is virtually useless to me. But on the upside my grammy showed me all of her stash including two huge old cookie tins completely filled with 100% cotton rick rack and trimmings in a rainbow of colors. She also has tins and tins of vintage buttons and two really old singers (like the ones that come in their own cabinets), so COOL!

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