Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back in Civilization

Well, we made it back from Vacationland, and as you can tell the little gray dog was pretty relaxed. He loves being outside and especially loved that my parents live right on a pond and far away from neighbors. This means he didn't have the wear his leash and was free to roam around (or just lounge in "frog dog" position, see below).

but there wasn't much crafting done, unless you count fabric purchasing as progress. Although I'm trying to craft exclusively from my stash I couldn't help purchasing about 25 half yards of fabric when I was in Maine. There's a fabulous chain store in Maine (at various locations) called Marden's Surplus that sells designer fabrics, hardwood floors, and weird scents of Windex at unbelievable prices. When searching for an explaination of Marden's for those of you who are unfamiliar, I was totally shocked to see that they have a flyer and even a website. According to the site they buy lots of "stuff" from stores that are going out of business or that can't sell their products, which passes on wonderful buys for fabric lovers like me. Last time I was at Marden's I picked up 13 half yards of Lonni Rossi's "Cultivated Cottons" line by Andover for $2.99 a yard. I haven't used them yet as I am trying to think about a perfect project for them. This time I picked up a ton of civil war prints and some 1930's and feedsack reproductions. Photos to come as soon as I can locate my photo cord.

I also picked up some of my stash at my parent's house. I didn't take all of my crafting supplies to New York when I moved to my tiny apartment for graduate school. Not only did I not have enough space to store my piles of fabric and yard, but I also didn't have enough time or energy to begin many new projects. Now that I'm out of school (and work) I have plenty of time to craft and have taken on far too many projects.

Speaking of UFO, this morning I began working on a baby raglan that I think I will call "Candy Cane Lane". I'm using up some Red and Cream Paton's wool. Next I'll have to find a use for the rest of the paton's wool in my stash. I guess I kept finding in on sale and couldn't resist. Right now I have about 10 skeins in various colors. I'm thinking of giving these fiber trends clogs a try.


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