Thursday, July 9, 2009


So here I am in blogland. After several years of lurking and reading a number of inspirational craft blogs I decided that I will give into the madness and start my own. Most of my posts will be about the projects that I'm working on with a little bit of my little gray dog mixed in.

Here's what I've been working on this week...In no particular order. The Old Red Barn Quilt-A-Long quilt. I came across this cute and easy pattern when I was searching imagines on flickr and immediately knew it would be a perfect project to use up some of my growing stash. Here's a photo of where I am so far. I'm using an assortment of 100% cotton fabrics in a variety of neutral tones. I decided to make the strips 3 inches instead of 2.5" which gives me a 15" completed block. I plan to make the quilt for a full/queen sized bed, so I estimate I'll need four blocks across for the width and five blocks down for the length. So far I have 15 complete and I plan on finishing up the remaining blocks this afternoon.

My second project for this week was embroidered onesies.
I've seen them everywhere on Etsy and finally decided to give one a go. I had some left over pink denim from a pair of baby pants that I made a few months back and decided that I would use that for the body of the owl. The other pieces are all scraps from my stash. I used an excellent tutorial that I found here on Sew, Mama, Sew! Overall the process was pretty easy, except for when I got frustrated that the owl body wouldn't fuse to the onsie (and then realized I hadn't taken off the backing paper), crisis averted. I'm a little worried that the beak portion might lift as it's not stitched, I might add a drop of fray guard just in case. The stitching is horribly uneven, but for a first attempt I won't beat myself up too much. Like everything it will get easier with practice.

And my last project (as of last night) was to give the little gray dog a trim. Inspired by several wonderful tutorial videos from via Spanielmom93 I purchased a pair of Andis clippers on E-bay and started clipping. It seemed easy enough, just go slow and be careful right? My poor baby looks like a rat. The body isn't so bad, but the feet are pitiful. It was like the first time you pluck your eyebrows as a teen...I'll just clean them up a bit and several hours later you end up in tears with no eyebrows left. Thank goodness he's a dog and not a child or I think I would have thousands of dollars worth of therapist's bills on my hands. I keep telling him how cute he looks, but I think he sees right through that.

Before photo on left- After on right
...notice he's hiding his feet and won't look at me.

Well that's all for now, Thanks for reading my first post!



Kat said...

The onesie is adorable. Great job!

Kari said...

Thanks:) I'm hoping with practice my applique skills will get better.