Friday, July 24, 2009

Broken Singer= Knitting Progress

Finally got the sleeves on my orange baby raglan, now I just have to sew up the underarms and put on some buttons. Candy Cane Lane is coming along well too. I'm debating doing a little cap sleeve instead of full length sleeves. I've never left a sweater with short sleeves but I think it could be really cute. Only problem is a short sleeve sweater seems rather feminine and since I don't know who will be the recipient I'm a little nervous to limit it's gift-a-bility.

In other news, Inspired by all the beautiful and artistic shots on flickr, I need to learn how to properly use my camera. I've noticed that all of shots I've been posting are terribly dark. The outside shots are clear and bright, but anything shot in my apartment is SO dark. I have to admit I haven't read the instruction manual yet (despite the fact I've had the camera since February, sad I know), maybe that will help.

Off to find my manual


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