Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh the Frustration

My new singer 7470 arrived today and I am terribly disappointed. After many days of anxious waiting, the UPS man finally delivered my new machine. I promptly took it out of the box and noticed that the instruction manual was missing. That should have been my first indicator that things were not going to go as planned. I searched online and found the manual, but had to wait for E to bring it home from his work because there was no way I was printing 100+ pages (1/3 of which were in languages I can read) on my little home printer. When the downloaded manual arrived I immediately read it cover to cover and proceeded to begin winding my first bobbin when...disaster!!

I threaded the machine exactly as described in the instruction manual (and the same way I've threaded my old singer for years) and held the thread when I begin. Everything seemed easy as pie as I gently stepped on the foot control and waited for my bobbin to wind. Two seconds and about two rotations into "winding the bobbin" my new baby threw a fit. The machine beeped and the lcd screen went blank. I turned the machine off, re-threaded and re-read the instructions to make sure I was doing everything correctly, probably just a user error, right? WRONG! I can turn the machine off and turn it on again and the same thing happens (one or two rotations then the beep and the machine stops spinning the bobbin). I've looked everywhere on the internet, wrote both Singer and the company I purchased from and posted a "Please god help me" post on craftster in hopes that someone knows what I'm doing wrong. I'd like to think that someone else has experienced this and that it's just a little thing that I'm doing wrong, unfortunately I have a sad feeling that this is a computer problem and that I'm going to have to send the machine back. I'm trying to stay positive, but two weeks without my machine is just about enough to put me over the edge. I've already decided that if I have to send this puppy back I'm throwing caution (and good financial sense) to the wind and purchasing a Juki TL98 QE. I've heard nothing but good things about Jukis and I really don't need any of the fancy stitches or bells and whistles found on my machines these days.

Luckily tomorrow I'm headed up to Boston for the weekend for M's wedding so I'll have a little time to relax and cool off. I plan on working on my Telemark sweater which is taking me quite a bit longer then I anticipated. It's amazing the difference in how quickly fabric works up on a size 6 vs. size 8 needle. Yesterday I sewed the buttons on my orange baby raglan, so photos of that will be forthcoming.



Sophia Aster said...

OH NO!!! It's the worst when you want to sew and you have machine troubles. I hope it gets resolved soon.

Kari said...

Thanks, me too! I just found out I can send it back, but apparently according to the return policy I might only be able to get store credit ugg

Anonymous said...

I have had a 7470 for almodt two years and tonight I had a problem with the LCD screen going completely blank. No matter what I can't get it to come back on. This is the first problem I have had with the machine. It is frustrating when you are in the middle of a project. I still have my old manual machine and will probably have to get it out to finish the project