Friday, July 10, 2009

One Morning in Maine

This adorable little book with wonderful illustrations use to be one of my favorite books as a child. As E, the little gray dog and I head off this weekend for two mornings in Maine I am excited to indulge in some of my favorites...lobster, family, and hours of lounging in the boat and on my parents' deck.

I will be taking along a raglan baby sweater that I've been working on. The pattern (by Rindy Carpenter) is really simple and I've made 3-4 of these in different variations. I'm not sure yet if this one is going to charity or if I'll keep it for my gift box. I like to keep a few simple baby sweaters on hand just in case someone I know is expecting and I don't have time to whip something up. I was caught off guard several times last year (thanks to both of my sisters) and between papers and classes really didn't have time to make the gifts I would have liked to.

The sweater is made of paton's classic wool on size 8 needles. I did a moss stitch border at the bottom last night because I like it better than the rib that the pattern called for. Other than that the sweater is worked up exactly as the pattern is written. I just need to make the sleeves and sew on some buttons. I already have some cute little wooden buttons that I picked up a Joanns for half price. I might do short sleeves cap sleeves, but haven't decided yet, so we'll see how the mood hits me when I start.

Off to the Pine Tree State!


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