Monday, July 20, 2009

A Week With Mom

This past week my mom was in town visiting. Since she's a school teacher she has summers off and I convinced her to return to New York with me. We spent the week indulging in some of my favorites including Fondue, Pommes Frites, and delicious chocolaty goodness at Max Brenner's. Below is a photo of our fries complete with wasabi mayo, blue cheese and Parmesan dipping sauces, YUM!

We spent Friday afternoon at the Central Park Zoo

Monkey Butt:)

We also managed to do a little shopping at Borders in the Time Warner Center. My mom bought Kate Jacobs' new book and we're going to do a swap when she's finished reading. Knit Two will be sent to Maine and Comfort Food will be sent to New York. I loved the first two books so I'm eagerly anticipating Comfort Food. Doesn't the cover just make you want want whip up a batch of cupcakes? Or better yet eat a batch of batter? Not much crafting happened during mom's visit, but I did finish the body of Candy Cane Lane and will probably start the sleeves tomorrow. My sewing machine decided to break this afternoon (top knob will not turn) so it's sitting in about 10 pieces on my kitchen table while I try to figure out what the problem is. I'm thinking it has something to do with the belt. I was just sewing along on the Old Red Barn quilt and the needle motion got slower and slower and then stopped and I couldn't manually turn the knob anymore. I was thinking it was some thread caught up under the foot, but I cleaned out under the needle plate and it was clean (there was no caught thread is probably more accurate). I'm crossing my fingers I'll be able to fix it myself. This poor machine has been a work horse for the last 4 years (not bad for a hundred dollar machine) and although I'd love to splurge on a new one, my better judgment says I should wait until I find a job. Crossing my fingers this will be a quick and easy fix.


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