Monday, July 27, 2009

Heirloom Tomatoes

When I saw these beautiful tomatoes (I wish I could have taken a better photo, they are so vibrant in real life) at Fairway I just had to buy them. Sure they were a little more costly then the regular tomatoes, but they were just so pretty I had to buy them. I think they will be part of dinner tonight. My usual summer salad consists of tomatoes and avocados cut up in chunks with a healthy drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and some salt and pepper. With fresh yummy ingredients you don't really need anything else. Sometimes I serve with hot french bread and some feta cheese, but most of the time I just eat it out of the bowl.
And here's a little sneak peak of my next soon as my Singer 7470 arrives. I ordered from an online vendor last Friday and am anxiously waiting for the UPS man to ring my bell. I'm hoping it will arrive before I leave for Boston on Thursday for my dear friend M's wedding.

And lastly, here's a photo of the Telemark Sweater that I started on Saturday. I'm using Cotton Fleece yarn by the Brown Sheep Company. It's an 80%cotton 20% wool blend and I really love the stitch definition that it gets. I'm working on a size 6 needle which is one size larger then the pattern recommends. When finished it will be 12months size. So far it's working up pretty quickly and the pattern is really clearly written.

Back soothing the little gray dog. These thunderstorms make the poor little bugger shake like a leaf.



Karen said...

I like the fabric for your new project and the sweater is going to be beautiful!

Kari said...

Thanks:) I just hope I get to start my new project soon, I'm so tired of not having a working machine.