Saturday, July 25, 2009


Finally a hot and sunny Saturday and a warm but breezy Saturday night. Perfect for wandering the streets of Hoboken eating rice balls, drinking beer and listening to Frankie Valley impersonators (one said his name was Bobby Valley, "Frankie's brother", but with all of the lying and corruption in NJ, you can never tell who's telling the truth, right?) at the Saint Ann's Feast.But my very favorite part of the night guessed it Zeppoles. Made by the lovely ladies of Saint Ann’s Guild, we waited in line almost a half hour to get our paper bag of deep fried, sugary goodness.

Amazingly the average age of the women cooking these yummy heart attacks in a bag had to be 75 years old. I couldn't help myself from taking this photo of a lady dropping handfuls of batter into the boiling oil.They were like a little factory, dropping batter in, flipping, and pulling them out golden brown, a quick drop into a paper bag, a heaping spoonful of powdered sugar, 8 dollars please, next!

Oh how I love Feasts, Festivals, and Deep Fried goodness!


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